Pixies is currently looking for well geared, well merited and skillful players whose playing times fit into the 12pm GMT - 12am GMT time zone / 7am EST - 7pm EST time zone.

Our current schedule is as follows: (Any event is subject to change depending on our situation)

LS focus is currently Abyssea.
Certain days can be set for Dynamis/Einherjar or similar old content. AV or PW can also be set as event depending on members online and sets available.

We aim to start all events around 18:00-20:00 CET on all days. Can start earlier if people on and willing to do things.

Pixies can camp and kill various HNMs if they are in time and drops are in need.

Salvage and Limbus is not set as an LS activity.

If you need more information you may PM one of the LS leaders: Sehrahin, Ekmet, Darwyn, Wortie, Squishythefish or Dre


For serious consideration you should have 3+ jobs at 80+ (leveling to 90) with all relevant subs and AT LEAST one well geared/merited Mage/Support job.

Applications usually don't take longer than one week to process. A trial lasts for one month and you get points and gil for events you attend, but you can't spend your points unless no one else wants the item.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.